10:00 AM – Casco Viejo: A Morning Stroll

Start your day in Panama City’s historic heart, Casco Viejo. Wander through the charming, cobblestone streets lined with colonial-era buildings, vibrant street art, and bustling plazas. The blend of old-world charm and modern vibrancy sets the perfect tone for your day

11:00 AM – Caffeine Kick: Sisu Coffee Experience

Next, head to Sisu_Coffeestudio for an immersive coffee-making experience. Discover the journey of Panamanian coffee from bean to cup. Showcasing in specialty coffee and showcasing the Geisha variety, you’ll get to choose your strength and witness the full brewing experience and, of course, enjoy a fresh, aromatic coffee

12:00 PM – Sweet Start: Panama Chocolate Factory Store

Indulge your sweet tooth with a visit to the I Love Panama Chocolate Factory Store. Learn about the rich history of chocolate in Panama and taste some of the finest locally-produced chocolates. It’s a delicious way to start your adventure!

1:00 PM – Stylish Souvenir: Panama Hat Shopping

No trip to Panama City is complete without picking up a Panama hat. A visit to – ‘El Palacio Del Sombrero’ gives you ample choice to find the prefect hat, from slightly imperfect hats for $25USD to the finest of them all for USD$35,000!!


2:00 PM – Cultural Dive: Museo de la Mola

Visit the Museo de la Mola (Malo Museum) to explore the traditional art of the Guna Yala indigenous people. Their intricate textiles known as “molas” are a vibrant representation of Panamanian culture and craftsmanship. This museum offers a deep dive into the history and significance of these beautiful creations. Pick up one of their beautiful pieces from the Karavan Gallery in the Casco Viejo.

3:00 PM – Panama Canal: VIP Tour of the Locks

In the afternoon, head to the iconic Panama Canal for a tour of the Miraflores Locks. Speak to your Virtuoso advisor to ensure you get the VIP experience where you will get special access to the restricted area right next to the lock canal.

Witness the engineering marvel of this historic waterway as massive ships navigate through the locks. The guided tour provides fascinating insights into the canal’s history and its vital role in global trade.



5:00PM – Return to Casco Viejo: Rooftop Relaxation

As the sun begins to set, make your way back to Casco Viejo. Head to the popular CasaCasco rooftop bar, as the sounds are pumping, sip on expertly crafted cocktails while enjoying 360° panoramic views of the city, the bridge of the Americas and the shimmering Pacific Ocean. This place is a must and the sunset from here is truly magical. Long after the sun has disappeared, take your pick of restaurants within CasaCasco choose from Fusion, Panamanian Caribbean and Asian or wander the streets where you’ll find various restaurants and cafes to suit every palette.


10:00 PM – Nightcap, Maybe a Gelati and a Late-Night Stroll

End your evening with a nightcap at one of Casco Viejo’s many charming bars or perhaps a gelati is more your thing. As the night winds down, take a leisurely stroll through the beautifully illuminated streets, soaking in the nightlife and the historic ambiance.

6:00 AM – Sunrise Serenity

if your up early enough (or you stayed out until the early hours ) head towards the waterfront overlooking the Pacific for a sunrise walk, taking in the new city skyline full of skyscrapers and towers of glass and steel on one side, whilst on the other side the old town with it’s eclectic architecture and historical plazas. The calm morning breeze and the soft hues of dawn provide a serene start (or end !) to any day.

8.00 AM Mercado Público de Mariscos

Before wrapping up your 24-hour journey, visit the Mercado Público de Mariscos (Seafood Market). This bustling market is a seafood lover’s paradise. Sample some of the freshest ceviche or enjoy a hearty seafood breakfast while mingling with locals and experiencing the vibrant market atmosphere.


From chocolate indulgence and coffee experiences to cultural explorations and rooftop relaxation, Panama City offers a diverse and exciting 24-hour journey. Jolee – Main Beach Travel Marketing & Events, fell in love with Panama city on her recent trip there, perhaps you too will when you visit!